Wednesday, 18 September 2013

"I Love Blogging" - A true love story of two beings, Me and

Here goes the story...

The silence was deep as ocean, except for my mind which was diving deeper and deeper. I had not traveled for long and my legs were aching to take a long jump to some nice place to chill out. Yeah I love travelling and i am an amateur photographer too and this combo led me to blogging.

I was thinking that Khali dimag shaitan ka ghar hota hai, so why not utilize this khali time in penning down my previous travel experiences and why not share it with the people, until my next trip. But more then that it was for my own satisfaction since I am charmed by travelling, exploring and clicking the world.

Then I met on internet. I felt real happy when I started with my 1st love letter aka blog and written it as, displaying my ultimate love for travel.
Later I started with another blog which showcases my domain coz mind is a sea of thoughts and this blog reflects the same. As they say Pen is mightier than sword.

Nonetheless just a few more important lovey dovey reasons to add-
1. You are your own boss --> Self satisfaction
2. No specific genre need to be followed --> FREEDOM
3. Blogging is free ofcourse --> No downpayment, no EMI
4. You learn and earn experience as you progress in blogging --> Nurturing Creative side
5. Networking --> Across the World
6. Its like a gym for mind --> Always on the run
7. Change is constant --> Blog and you'll know.

Ultimately through it I can spread Awareness and Laughter. I can Breathe through it and Live to bring about the Change. After all, that's what love is about - Life and Laughter!!

I just Love Blogging coz  #BloggingIsMyCalling -- the love "forever and for always"
Because, A True Love story never Ends...

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Cheers... :)

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  1. Amazing post! :)
    I hope you have shared the link at MissMalini's site too :)