Saturday, 2 August 2014

Me - the Sherlock and #WhatTheBlack

Three days, three clues and lot of confusion, brain storming across the social media platform i.e. twitter and funny predictions. I had a tough time cracking the code too. The Sherlock inside me and the horses of my brain are in full tashan from past 2-3 days :D

Let's take you through the journey of my these 3 days. I the chosen one <no no.. not harry potter :P> ..I mean one among those many awesome chosen ones was waiting for my first clue by Blogadda with bated breath.


Knock on the door and a young man delivers what I see a cute li'l black package, which when I open.. "#WhatTheBlack!! It's a Black egg!?" and then there was a clue card too. Well after doing some inspection what I find.. whoa!! chocolate inside the egg. Amazing.. slurp slurp and after finishing it all I once again started thinking what it can lead to and then have no choice then to wait for the Clue #2.


Again a knock and again one more surprise. And this time came a Black Newspaper with headline about the egg I got on Day 1. This got me curious. But gave me one hint that the upcoming thing is sure gonna be related to morning and something to do with white. Sine what are whites came in black on Day 1 and 2. The clue was there too. I then thought to give time upto the 3rd day before coming on to any conclusion. But slept with #WhatTheBlack in mind.


Today's parcel was a li'l late and I got restless, thinking aaj kya aane wala hai, #WhatTheBlack is going...
But after a long wait around 4 - 4.30 I guess, the door bell rang and I got my parcel. I opened it up and to my bewilderment what I see is a tissue and a cup. What?? ...a Cup? Come again' A Cup??
I felt like Ande se nikle aur cup mein gire <quite like "aasman se gire aur khajur mein atke" :P>

Thought, Thought and Thought some more, tweeted some more, discussed some more and then thought of a thought. Jiska koi nai hota uska google hota hai. With whatever I could infer out of my li'l brain and discussions with my fellow tweeps I started searching on google. 

First I got all three clues in front of my eyes.

Then I thought that whatever I got has to do something with the morning. A hearty breakfast consists of mainly 3 things: A cup of Milk, newspaper and Sunday ho ya monday roz khao ande --> Egg. Then on the name of #WhatTheBlack what am I missing here, definitely gonna do something with white, which has turned black!?

Fir jali mere dimag ki batti.. 

Before breakfast what do we do? What is white we don't want to turn into black? 

The answer is TEETH. The most precious white set which we would never want to turn black and for that we definitely need something powerful which can be something black and that hinted towards the all - 

"NEW Colgate SlimSoft   C H A R C O A L"

Though the Sherlock inside me has cracked the code but one can't be sure until told from the horse's mouth itself. So until tomorrow its just a prediction to be confirmed only on 02.08.14.

Till then...


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Saturday, 19 July 2014

My Bold & Beautiful: #Black Wishlist

Because #Black is where Diamond comes from.
Because #Black is a mystery no one has ever managed to triumph.
Even our universe Milky way is believed to be inside a #Black hole.

Black is the colour of Life and Death. So dark yet so life altering. 
The bold and classy. Sassy yet elegant. 
Well, when it comes to the colour Black, I can just go on and on. Its my favorite color.

My wardrobe (minus LBD <sob sob>) is dominated by #Black :) and so are my gadgets (from my phone to DSLR), my backpacks (emphasis applied) :D
Where there is #Black, there is #Happiness for me. 

I am always on the run of adding Black to my kitty in every department. But there are a few things which are still sitting in my wishlist and not getting a chance to become the reality of my life. I would like to share five such things. Here goes my #WhatTheBlack wishlist:

The all #Black iPad

Among my gadgets what I miss is an iPad. I am a Blogger, Photographer and hell of a travel freak. But while travelling I have to put my experiences in a notebook and when I give them the final touch after my trip and try to put on my travel blog, I kinda loose those emotions. In such cases iPad will be handy to post pictures and my experiences online on the go.


As I said before, my wardrobe still misses a very elegant and classy LBD. I so crave for this one but never got my hand on this would be masterpiece in my life.

Black Headphones

I am a #Music Lover. Whether I travel, I sit in silence trying to get in touch with myself after a hard day or feeling most happy; music is my best companion. And when it is about travelling 5 hours a day to and fro to my work, Music comes to my rescue. I spend that time listening to music and playing with my pen to bring my thoughts to life. And #music does help me. Like now also I am writing with music playing not just in my ears but head and heart too.

Tag Heuer Formula 1

I am fond of watches as much as I am of shoes. Yes, I have some 35 pairs of them and still counting. But watches, only 3 and they are so envious of my shoes. My shoes are giving tough competition to my watches and I don't like that because I am the girl who loves justice ;) I know that I can't have 35 watches but I can definitely have a Tag Heuer Formula 1 (Steel and Ceramic Chronograph with a black dial) which will give Takkar to my shoes and make my life a li'l peaceful :P

Black Pointed Heel Boots

The look will be incomplete without a gracious and classy pair of Black Heels when I'll be having my LBD and Tag Heuer Formula 1 and yes my all #Black iPad. Do I need to say more?

P.S. I like nights more than days because its night that gives beauty to stars and the moon. That's the beauty of night, the power of Black is nothing but invincible.

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Thank You Blogadda.. because of you I could finally pen down my #Black Wish List.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

"Triple Chocolate Sundae" which makes my day - Fundae

I am a Foodie and whenever I am out for a party or attending any wedding, the event wherein people mostly concentrate on the food, my focus is always on desserts. Before meal and after meal, this is that one item which never let me take my eyes of it. Be it ice creams or any other exotic dessert.
My all time favorite is Ice cream and to be precise Chocolate Ice cream. 

I still remember the last time I had my Triple Chocolate Sundae. Oh yum!! My triple choco-sundae was sitting on the table in a Borosil Sundae glass. A little warm Mocha Truffle Sauce was sprinkled all inside the glass, with chocolate crushed at the bottom. Then there was a layer of syrup once again and then crushed walnuts. Now, it was time for my choco scoops to take their well deserved place and there were three, no less; adorned with crushed nuts and a pinch of coffee powder.
Topmost layer had a little of Mocha Truffle Sauce in the shape of heart on topmost scoop and on one side a little foam of vanilla ice cream in a cloud like design was sitting quietly inside the glass. Now some more chocolate flakes and then last but not the least only one cherry, without doubt was sitting like crown on the vanilla foam.

Well, it still amaze me that how someone can prepare something so wonderful and not have it once it is done. Well I just couldn't wait and grabbed the glass before anyone else could. Slurp Slurp... I had it all :)

Now that I am reminded of that Triple-choco sundae, I bid you all adieu to get me one Right Here, Right Now!!

Icy Good Night and Chocolaty Dreams Pals :)

P.S. Wish I could post a photo to tease you all :P
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#BeCleanAndClear with Garnier Men Range

Enter a man's bathroom.

What do you see? 

Soap, Shampoo, some shaving stuff and ... well, that's it. While in a woman's you will find range of products, from cleanser to face wash to creams, soaps to shampoos; they have it all. Hygiene, grooming, clean and clear face; well majority of men tend to fall down in this department. Specially for their face which is all about soap and water.

The Crazy Environment.

In the age of pollution, dirt, dust, stress and work pressure; men equally need to take care of their skin like women. All these factors affects face the most in the form of excessive sweating, black heads, pimples, clogging of pores etc. and soap & water is not the solution.

Its all about Love.

Men too needs some tenderness not just a love of women but self love. Plus, for a woman's love they need to be more hygienic and attractive and taking care of your face is most important to be all that. It will not only make you feel good but also make you look and feel younger. What more you can ask for!? ;)

Skin Care.

Just a basic skin routine and you are good to go fellow Man. First and foremost you need to know your skin and accordingly you got to choose your skin products. 
Well, there is this one door that takes you through a varied range of skin care products catering all your skin needs and that door is GARNIER.

The Garnier Men

You can easily access through the Garnier site to check for what suits you by using the filters available on site.
For example, If you have oily skin or you are more exposed to dust and sun then start your day with a good face wash which will keep your face oil-free. And you will feel fresh and rejuvenated whole day with Garnier Men Oil Clear: Deep Cleansing Face Wash. This face wash followed by a moisturizer with "Sweat and Oil control formula" is the best bet. Its the Garnier Men PowerLight "Sweat + Oil Control" Moisturizer, the first moisturizer for men with a light and non-sticky formula that delivers visible fairness while controlling sweat and oiliness at the skin's surface.

You can browse through other products too like AcnoFight Face wash, Powerlight Face wash, Garnier Men Powerlight SPF15 Face wash, Pore Unclogging Face wash, Intense Fresh Face wash etc.

Here in Intense Fresh Face wash, which is an Energising Cleansing Gel is a best bet after a hard day of work. It removes pollutants and dirt for an energising detoxifying action. 

Take care, Take Charge.

Gone are the days of soap and water. #SayNoToBars sign a pledge here.

It is time to embrace the Garnier Men Range because it TAKE CARE.


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Garnier Men - #SayNoToBars "A Nationwide Movement"

Men will be Men! No matter what the situation is, this statement will always hold true for them. 

When they loose track, they don't wanna confirm the route; rather will go their own way to end up losing fuel, time, money and the way of course. Huff...

Making mistakes like forgetting to wish the women in their life, gifting them the dress of wrong size. OMG!!

Not putting the toilet seats down, not washing hands after using toilet. Yukk...

Wanting to look good but still using same soap bars on feet and face. Eww!!

The list is endless when it comes to #StupidThingsMenDo.

This is so not happening. Take a minute guys to think this through...

How many men have you seen who pay attention to grooming? 
Well, we know your answer - barely any, right! That's true for most men. 

As the brand that cares about men and their grooming, Garnier Men India is out on a mission to change this. 

How do you feel after rubbing that soap on your face. Doesn't your beard / stubble stuck in that? Don't it affect your shave? 

Try using Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash next time and feel the change. Soft to touch, easy to shave. 

And who knows you will get brownie points for the same from your gal!! ;)

With this not only to guys our appeal is to all the women power itself; to bring the change. We believe, behind every successful man there is a woman - who helps him with what to wear and what to do. So, what could be a better way to make men change their attitude towards grooming than get the women to lead this initiative with us?

This is why, Garnier Men has partnered with over 30 bloggers who are recognized as experts in beauty and care, in this Nationwide Movement where we ask men to #SayNoToBars. Yes, we mean - Say No To ‘Soap’ Bars. Wondering why? Here you go -

1. Soap bars are unhygienic as the same bar is used for multiple purposes. Instead, why not switch to a face wash which is for a defined purpose?

2. Soap bars are history now! Modern men prefer to use face wash that is customized to suit their skin's needs.  So, why not be the man of today who loves modern facilities?

3. Soap bars are inconvenient and not practical to use at all. Then, why not be smart and switch to a face wash which is easy to carry?

Keeping these advantages of face wash in mind, we ask men to take a pledge against the use of soap bars. We instead recommend men to use the Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash for a deep cleansing action which removes excess oil without drying your skin while ensuring a day-long oil-free feel.

To make sure, they get the message clearly, here's a fun song which tells you why it's time to #SayNoToBars and #SayYesToOilClear -

So go ahead, bring a change in the men you care about and guys show that you care; take the pledge here -

It's really time you take care and say yes to Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash. Use face wash with your brains. Do Do Do Do Do... Duh Duh Duh Duh ........... 

Because you need to learn to love yourself first to love your woman.

Try and make yourself best to make this country better. Spread the word and do let me know in the comments below how you plan to get success in your endeavors.

For a brighter future of skin health and hygiene.

Adios!! Keep rocking!! 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother's Day - 5 Perfect presents for your Mumma Dear

Mother. The word itself is so divine. No matter what you call her, Ma, Mummy, Ammi, Mom or the very recent Mum, she was and will always remain your best friend.
Its not about this one day, but everyday is for her. In today's busy life we sometime forget to show our love to this awesome lady in our life so why not show it today, on Mother's Day. Do something special, appreciate her. Show her your true feelings that yes she is the one.

The very apt time is every time just watch out for the right thing to be done at the right time for your confidante, who is ready 24 x 7 all around the year for you to help, to stand by your side, to listen and to protect you. 

Show your appreciation this Mother's day by walking an extra mile by gifting her something special which she will cherish forever. Here are some Gift Ideas for you.

If you stay far away from your family, show your mother some love and appreciation by not just calling her on phone but by having a video call. Fix the time and share all you want and if possible make a plan to visit her soon and tell about that while talking to her, you sure won't want to miss her expression for anything in the world.

Its the best time to take your mother somewhere special. Just two of you, to have some fun and quality time together. Be it restaurant, theme park or any place, it should be just you two enjoying your time together, to be remembered for a lifetime.

Gift her some fantastic perfumes. After all its not what you say but how you make others feel, counts. And fragrances always leaves that impression. She sure will be reminded of this day when you gifted her that bottle full of your love, whenever she uses it.

There is no one woman in the world who won't like to own jewelry and when it comes to diamonds, well, heera hai sada ke liye (diamond is forever). Gift your mum ever green, classy, simple yet stylish and modern jewelry to show her how special she is for you.

Another love of woman is to shop. It is something she will never get tired of. Take her on a shopping spree. She sure will love going out with you on shopping. And who knows you might also get lucky by her showering some gifts on you ;)

Its never too late to buy her the best gift ever. Treat Mum the best way possible because nothing can equal your love and respect and that's what she needs the most, always. Choose the right gift, pamper her, tell your Mum that you are there and you care. Its never too late.

Happy Mothers Day!!


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

"Sunsilk Real FM" by "Anurag Basu"

Sunsilk “Real FM” for MTV
Stuti Shrimali,, Mumbai, 25th March 2014

A still from Sunsilk "Real FM"
My Rating: 4.5 / 5
Film: Real FM (2013)
Direction: Akarsh Khuranna
Cast: Abir Abrar, Veera Saxena, Reema
Genre: Drama

I was lucky to have 
#SunsilkRealFMExperiences with Indiblogger by watching the movie screening at Courtyard by Marriott.

Story: One day when the world is listening.. what will you say? Well, the story revolves around four confident gals, how they stand by each other and their camaraderie. When Rhea's dad, a Radio Channel owner, suffers a heart attack, she takes it upon herself to turn things around for his dad's dwindling Radio Channel. Her friends join in to help her.
How they deal with one life changing challenge.. will they succeed... is the arena of this lovely docudrama.

Review: The action begins when Rhea's dad suffers a heart attack leaving behind dwindling Radio Channel - 97.5 Real FM. She calls upon her two friends and get going for saving her dad's dream. Them juggling with ideas to save the channel to conceptualizing, planning and executing the same in a very innovative cum refreshing way is what keeps you stick to your seats.

The film is full of spirit; a perfect blend of courage, emotions, relationships and last but not the least generation Y. It has brought some real issues of India, that we have faced very recently and has also captured Mumbai in its true sense - Mumbai, the Cosmopolitan.

The way director has portrayed each character and how each actor has pulled off their respective roles in spite of being the new comers, is comendable. 

The film served as good entertainment from an emotional ride to some peppy moments to moments to behold.

Music: Music is great, especially the last song which you won't forget any soon once you hear it. 

USP of the film: Do watch out for the entry of Chattisgarhi Didi ke Bhaiyyas :D

The film should have been longer because you just couldn't help but crave for more. Such a awe-inspiring film it is. Worth a watch.

Learning: If one's intention is right and has the confidence, they can achieve what they want.

In anticipation of Reader's Rating.

P.S. Photographs from the exclusive screening of the movie to come soon on my facebook page: Lens - Where Life meet Dreams.