Sunday, 8 December 2013

Respect. Love. Care.

Easiest way is to make yourself the focal point and then start the process of seeing outside. The world will then be much better place to live. Look inside and grow things within yourself first. Be the Change you wish to see in this world.

What we all need and want is to be recognized by someone else and not criticized or being let down. Recognizing and acknowledging another person can do more for you than them. That’s how we grow and comes evolution.

A few days back I read somewhere that now corporate firms are shying away from recruiting female employees. Reason - Law favours only women in sexual harassment cases at the workplace. Employers are scared anyone could face such allegations by women. What a shame.

Increase in crime against women is forcing women to sit at home. People comment on their attire, the way they talk, whom they talk to and what they do. People don’t realize how much a women is sacrificing and on top of everything, ever increasing crimes.
The one who comment and criticize about women are not ready to change themselves, their approach. They need to learn that we live in a free country and we have the right to participate equally.

Men and women both are required to be taught from their early childhood to respect women. The atmosphere of the house should be so kept that no bad influence fall upon them i.e. they shall grow up seeing and learning mutual respect, love and care.

One can’t keep blaming other; one has to start from their house first.
Along with these moral changes we also need to bring some tangible changes too in our present surrounding, so that women can breathe carefree.
The first thing to be kept in mind most of the crimes happen at secluded places or in dark. So following things are required to be considered –
  1. Transport – There shall be 1-2 constable in ladies coach and in public buses
  2. Toilets – There shall be enough sanitary options in any locality, for cleanliness purposes and women’s safety both. These shall be open 24*7; also one attendant shall always be there who is recruited after proper inquiry.
  3. Public parks / recreational areas – Security shall be there 24*7.
  4. Bus Stops and Stations – Enough lighting and also required is security like presence of constable.
  5. Laws – There shall be stringent laws for women’s safety. Although government has started taking initiative but the process is slow. Also sometimes cases and files go missing, thanks to corruption. Law shall be equal for everyone, no status, caste or creed shall come in between. People who misuse their power and the one who help them in such illegal activities shall be punished too also they shall remember that they have women at their house too. And by saving criminals now they are just helping triggering the ruthlessness on mother earth. Also care shall be taken that no law is misused; neither by men or women. Once proved guilty, the culprit shall be punished with immediate effect
  6. Stop criticizing others. Pehle apne girevaan mein jhaank kar dekhoTry and change self and then nothing can go wrong.
  7. Last but not the least; women also have to stand for themselves. Because You are responsible for your own happiness.
Give Respect. Love. Care.
Teach and Learn. 

“Bring the Change because you are the past, the present and the future of thy society.”
Dream. Chase. Live.

P.S. This post is to spark a change in and around Us. StayFree, StayHealthy!!

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