Sunday, 15 December 2013

The YOGIC Power

Everyday, every hour; its all about MM no not Malad's Mithaiwala but Multi Media. Our dependence on technology is just growing day by day. And today's generation new love is Tablets. It is like the heartbeat, blood running through veins and oxygen for our survival.

I love gadgets and when it comes to my tab, I sleep with it and also wake up to the alarm set only on my Tablet.

I believe, wherever I am, and whatever my mood is, my tablet is there to rescue me, I can use it to suit my mood; to create art, browse on internet, read e-book, listen to some cool music, play games, watch movie and yeah most importantly to keep in touch with my near and dear ones.

In today's fast life of Mumbai, it is kinda hard to give time to myself. Leave home at 7, come back by 9; most of my life is going in travelling so I can make time for myself the most while travelling. My tablet has become my best friend. Morning i prefer listening to music and eves I either read or watch movies.

But sometimes I feel my tab is l'il heavy and that it's lacking something, don't know what. It was that uneasiness which incepted me to go on a search for a new tablet. Just to add, I did that search also on my tab. My search went on and on till I came across the Yogic, the super cool and very new tablet by Lenovo; the YOGA TABLET.


  1. Appeal - What first caught my eye was its super slim, unique and stylish design, because I know then I won't loose grip and it'll my hands just perfect.
  2. Multimode Design - It houses a battery in its cylindrical portion with a kickstand on its side which gives it different viewing angles the way you wanna see and what you wanna see. You hold it, tilt or keep it in stand position; it'll serve your need the best. Also won't stress your fingers. This is something I have never seen in any tablet before. Innovation is the mother of creativity.
  3. Battery - Videos and games eat up the battery to max. Also I am a travel freak so would need my tab to work all the time. I would need it for navigation and searching for good restaurants even, since I am a foodie. And GPS just gulps the battery life. Yoga Tab 10 works for around 18 hours and I thus know, it won't ever give up on me.
  4. Angles and Views - It won't just entertain me but also my companions by giving a wide view. We can enjoy a movie together.
  5. Music - I can't imagine my life without music. It keeps me going and what can give me more satisfaction then the speakers combined with Dolby® Digital Plus enhancements.
  6. Wireless Keyboard - Though I am comfortable with virtual keyboard, my mum is not. And whenever I lend it to her she can use it to best with the wireless keyboard it gets along; making her life much easier.
  7. Click on the Go and Walk & Talk - When Lenovo is their I don't have to worry about taking pictures. Its 5M is just enough to click and upload, at that very moment; because Life is all about sharing. Also I can talk and keep in touch with all my near and dear ones, face to face with its 1.6M front camera. This justifies, its a small world.
  8. Enjoy the storage - It has a life with a good memory of 16 GB and can go upto a very strong 64 GB. Do whatever you wanna test its strength with; videos, audios, games or anything; choice is yours.
Its light, portable, fast and fun. 

I can walk with it, talk with it and sleep with it.
I can write on it, capture on it and blog on it.

In short  A #BETTERWAY IS HERE; now, just gotta grab it :)

Have a look and you will also not be able to resist this  ultimate YOGIC POWER. Smitten by It.

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