Sunday, 12 January 2014

Glow and Grow - Live Life fuzz free!!

I have a knack for travelling, love hiking, biking (pillion :P), going to beach and absorb fresh wind there.. Well, whatever the place is and whatever the situation may be, I just want my hair to enjoy so that I can enjoy and be carefree.

Hairs are my most priced possession. They are long and I love them open and that's the perfect reason that why I need to recharge them.

Feel Good - The X Factor
I wanna be the sunshine of the day and twinkle of the night. I wanna feel happy and peppy. And nothing can beat it, if you are not gonna leave it (hairs). Khuli zulfein adds extra bounce to life, gives you an edge over others and that's the feel good factor.
Xtra fun
Xtra love
Xtra jaan

Play - Sinfully
I love to go outdoorsie, play outdoors. It recharges life, so want my hairs to be fully recharged too. As while playing I wanna step out worry free, fuzz free and win the match. Kyunki jo jeeta wahi sikandar.
Play hard,
Win smart

Party all night
Dancing cool and crazy, head banging, rocking music is my mantra to live life. And my hairs doing jazz, rock & roll is my mantra to feel alive. Both goes hand in hand and add oomph to your personality, present you confident and sexy.

Its all about what you want and how you wanna be. Fully recharged Hairs add that extra jaan in your life, in short Recharge your Life. You can roam carefree, have fun and live worry free.

Hike, Bike, Ski, Paraglide
Trek, Camp, Dance, Party.. I wanna do it all, because variety is the spice of life.

Just no more bad hair days. Appreciate it with secret solution by sunsilk and make others envious secretly ;)
Short and simple --> Love yourself, love your hairs and have a lovely and recharged life.

Adios !!

P. S. This post is a part of Indiblogger contest "Recharge Your Hair, Recharge Your Life" by Sunsilk.

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