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"Sunsilk Real FM" by "Anurag Basu"

Sunsilk “Real FM” for MTV
Stuti Shrimali, junkkdna.blogspot.in, Mumbai, 25th March 2014

A still from Sunsilk "Real FM"
My Rating: 4.5 / 5
Film: Real FM (2013)
Direction: Akarsh Khuranna
Cast: Abir Abrar, Veera Saxena, Reema
Genre: Drama

I was lucky to have 
#SunsilkRealFMExperiences with Indiblogger by watching the movie screening at Courtyard by Marriott.

Story: One day when the world is listening.. what will you say? Well, the story revolves around four confident gals, how they stand by each other and their camaraderie. When Rhea's dad, a Radio Channel owner, suffers a heart attack, she takes it upon herself to turn things around for his dad's dwindling Radio Channel. Her friends join in to help her.
How they deal with one life changing challenge.. will they succeed... is the arena of this lovely docudrama.

Review: The action begins when Rhea's dad suffers a heart attack leaving behind dwindling Radio Channel - 97.5 Real FM. She calls upon her two friends and get going for saving her dad's dream. Them juggling with ideas to save the channel to conceptualizing, planning and executing the same in a very innovative cum refreshing way is what keeps you stick to your seats.

The film is full of spirit; a perfect blend of courage, emotions, relationships and last but not the least generation Y. It has brought some real issues of India, that we have faced very recently and has also captured Mumbai in its true sense - Mumbai, the Cosmopolitan.

The way director has portrayed each character and how each actor has pulled off their respective roles in spite of being the new comers, is comendable. 

The film served as good entertainment from an emotional ride to some peppy moments to moments to behold.

Music: Music is great, especially the last song which you won't forget any soon once you hear it. 

USP of the film: Do watch out for the entry of Chattisgarhi Didi ke Bhaiyyas :D

The film should have been longer because you just couldn't help but crave for more. Such a awe-inspiring film it is. Worth a watch.

Learning: If one's intention is right and has the confidence, they can achieve what they want.

In anticipation of Reader's Rating.

P.S. Photographs from the exclusive screening of the movie to come soon on my facebook page: Lens - Where Life meet Dreams.

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