Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother's Day - 5 Perfect presents for your Mumma Dear

Mother. The word itself is so divine. No matter what you call her, Ma, Mummy, Ammi, Mom or the very recent Mum, she was and will always remain your best friend.
Its not about this one day, but everyday is for her. In today's busy life we sometime forget to show our love to this awesome lady in our life so why not show it today, on Mother's Day. Do something special, appreciate her. Show her your true feelings that yes she is the one.

The very apt time is every time just watch out for the right thing to be done at the right time for your confidante, who is ready 24 x 7 all around the year for you to help, to stand by your side, to listen and to protect you. 

Show your appreciation this Mother's day by walking an extra mile by gifting her something special which she will cherish forever. Here are some Gift Ideas for you.

If you stay far away from your family, show your mother some love and appreciation by not just calling her on phone but by having a video call. Fix the time and share all you want and if possible make a plan to visit her soon and tell about that while talking to her, you sure won't want to miss her expression for anything in the world.

Its the best time to take your mother somewhere special. Just two of you, to have some fun and quality time together. Be it restaurant, theme park or any place, it should be just you two enjoying your time together, to be remembered for a lifetime.

Gift her some fantastic perfumes. After all its not what you say but how you make others feel, counts. And fragrances always leaves that impression. She sure will be reminded of this day when you gifted her that bottle full of your love, whenever she uses it.

There is no one woman in the world who won't like to own jewelry and when it comes to diamonds, well, heera hai sada ke liye (diamond is forever). Gift your mum ever green, classy, simple yet stylish and modern jewelry to show her how special she is for you.

Another love of woman is to shop. It is something she will never get tired of. Take her on a shopping spree. She sure will love going out with you on shopping. And who knows you might also get lucky by her showering some gifts on you ;)

Its never too late to buy her the best gift ever. Treat Mum the best way possible because nothing can equal your love and respect and that's what she needs the most, always. Choose the right gift, pamper her, tell your Mum that you are there and you care. Its never too late.

Happy Mothers Day!!


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