Sunday, 6 July 2014

#BeCleanAndClear with Garnier Men Range

Enter a man's bathroom.

What do you see? 

Soap, Shampoo, some shaving stuff and ... well, that's it. While in a woman's you will find range of products, from cleanser to face wash to creams, soaps to shampoos; they have it all. Hygiene, grooming, clean and clear face; well majority of men tend to fall down in this department. Specially for their face which is all about soap and water.

The Crazy Environment.

In the age of pollution, dirt, dust, stress and work pressure; men equally need to take care of their skin like women. All these factors affects face the most in the form of excessive sweating, black heads, pimples, clogging of pores etc. and soap & water is not the solution.

Its all about Love.

Men too needs some tenderness not just a love of women but self love. Plus, for a woman's love they need to be more hygienic and attractive and taking care of your face is most important to be all that. It will not only make you feel good but also make you look and feel younger. What more you can ask for!? ;)

Skin Care.

Just a basic skin routine and you are good to go fellow Man. First and foremost you need to know your skin and accordingly you got to choose your skin products. 
Well, there is this one door that takes you through a varied range of skin care products catering all your skin needs and that door is GARNIER.

The Garnier Men

You can easily access through the Garnier site to check for what suits you by using the filters available on site.
For example, If you have oily skin or you are more exposed to dust and sun then start your day with a good face wash which will keep your face oil-free. And you will feel fresh and rejuvenated whole day with Garnier Men Oil Clear: Deep Cleansing Face Wash. This face wash followed by a moisturizer with "Sweat and Oil control formula" is the best bet. Its the Garnier Men PowerLight "Sweat + Oil Control" Moisturizer, the first moisturizer for men with a light and non-sticky formula that delivers visible fairness while controlling sweat and oiliness at the skin's surface.

You can browse through other products too like AcnoFight Face wash, Powerlight Face wash, Garnier Men Powerlight SPF15 Face wash, Pore Unclogging Face wash, Intense Fresh Face wash etc.

Here in Intense Fresh Face wash, which is an Energising Cleansing Gel is a best bet after a hard day of work. It removes pollutants and dirt for an energising detoxifying action. 

Take care, Take Charge.

Gone are the days of soap and water. #SayNoToBars sign a pledge here.

It is time to embrace the Garnier Men Range because it TAKE CARE.


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