Saturday, 19 July 2014

My Bold & Beautiful: #Black Wishlist

Because #Black is where Diamond comes from.
Because #Black is a mystery no one has ever managed to triumph.
Even our universe Milky way is believed to be inside a #Black hole.

Black is the colour of Life and Death. So dark yet so life altering. 
The bold and classy. Sassy yet elegant. 
Well, when it comes to the colour Black, I can just go on and on. Its my favorite color.

My wardrobe (minus LBD <sob sob>) is dominated by #Black :) and so are my gadgets (from my phone to DSLR), my backpacks (emphasis applied) :D
Where there is #Black, there is #Happiness for me. 

I am always on the run of adding Black to my kitty in every department. But there are a few things which are still sitting in my wishlist and not getting a chance to become the reality of my life. I would like to share five such things. Here goes my #WhatTheBlack wishlist:

The all #Black iPad

Among my gadgets what I miss is an iPad. I am a Blogger, Photographer and hell of a travel freak. But while travelling I have to put my experiences in a notebook and when I give them the final touch after my trip and try to put on my travel blog, I kinda loose those emotions. In such cases iPad will be handy to post pictures and my experiences online on the go.


As I said before, my wardrobe still misses a very elegant and classy LBD. I so crave for this one but never got my hand on this would be masterpiece in my life.

Black Headphones

I am a #Music Lover. Whether I travel, I sit in silence trying to get in touch with myself after a hard day or feeling most happy; music is my best companion. And when it is about travelling 5 hours a day to and fro to my work, Music comes to my rescue. I spend that time listening to music and playing with my pen to bring my thoughts to life. And #music does help me. Like now also I am writing with music playing not just in my ears but head and heart too.

Tag Heuer Formula 1

I am fond of watches as much as I am of shoes. Yes, I have some 35 pairs of them and still counting. But watches, only 3 and they are so envious of my shoes. My shoes are giving tough competition to my watches and I don't like that because I am the girl who loves justice ;) I know that I can't have 35 watches but I can definitely have a Tag Heuer Formula 1 (Steel and Ceramic Chronograph with a black dial) which will give Takkar to my shoes and make my life a li'l peaceful :P

Black Pointed Heel Boots

The look will be incomplete without a gracious and classy pair of Black Heels when I'll be having my LBD and Tag Heuer Formula 1 and yes my all #Black iPad. Do I need to say more?

P.S. I like nights more than days because its night that gives beauty to stars and the moon. That's the beauty of night, the power of Black is nothing but invincible.

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Thank You Blogadda.. because of you I could finally pen down my #Black Wish List.


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